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Wedding Receptions

We are happy to have small, "low key"  receptions at our location!    Here are a few Q's & A's we get regarding receptions at Beach Trail Cottages:

Q:  How many guests can your property accommodate for a reception?

A:  In the past for other receptions, guests have been able to set-up about 6 tables (see picture above - the tables pictured are about 8 ft in size) on the lower level, 1 - 2 tables (approximately 8ft circular in size) on the upper deck, and 2 tables in the front downstairs cottage screened -n porch.  But please keep in mind that while our property can hold this many guests at tables, we still can only accommodate for 13 guests MAX to sleep and stay at our property!  As our contract states, the upstairs cottage can accommodate up to 6 guests, the downstairs cottage can accommodate up to 7 guests and "visitors" beyond these numbers do not stay the night.  If you move our existing tables to make room for rented tables (there is room to move these to the sides of the house), we just ask that our normal tables be placed back in their original location before your departure. 

Q:  Can I hold my wedding ceremony at the local beach?

A:  Please check the City of Indian Rocks Beach Web Page or call the city directly to see the city rules for beach weddings and if your wedding will require a special beach permit.

Q:  Do you have parking to accommodate our guests?

A:  We have parking to accommodate up to a maximum of 5-6 cars total (all other cars extending off our property and parking beyond our rental area are subject to being towed at the renters expense - our residential surrounding neighbors - including local businesses such as the Kooky Coconut down the street - will not allow you to park on their property)!  We will be really honest that parking will be your biggest obstacle should you choose to hold your reception at our location.  If you have delivery trucks coming to drop off reception items, they can not (even for a brief few minutes) unload in the alleyway out back and block the flow of residential cars coming and going and they will need to be instructed by renter to use one of the 5-6 parking spots.  In the past, other guests holding their reception at our property have done the following to help accommodate guests with a limited amount of parking: 
- Encourage guests to carpool!
- Have someone parking at the cottages shuttle guests on and off the property (renters would be responsible for finding public parking nearby that would allow long term parking for your guests before they can be shuttled over to our property - many public parking spots at the big beach access areas have time limits for parking).
- Have guests use the public trolley system that has drop-off and pick-up locations located very close to the cottages (visit for more information about the trolley stops, pricing, and hours of operation in our area.  You are looking for the stop closest to 8th Ave. in Indian Rocks Beach).  The trolley usually drops off and picks up every 20-28 minutes and runs from Clearwater to Pass-A-Grille.  The trolley stop headed south towards Pass-A-Grille, is located right out front of our neighbors cottage to the north.  The trolley stop headed north towards Clearwater is located on the east side of Gulf Blvd. and a few houses south of our cottages. 

Q:  What are the hours that I can hold my reception at The Beach Trail Cottages?

A:  Anytime between the hours of 9AM - 10PM.  At 10PM quiet hours in are area (IRB city rule) begin and all guests up to 13 people staying at the house are welcome to remain in the back courtyard area, but we just ask that you observe quiet hours in our neighborhood and all music must be turned off and conversation level outside be kept to reasonable level as to not disrupt nearby neighbors.  Renters are responsible for making sure their reception guests follow this rule.  We will be honest in saying that if you are the type of person who is not comfortable telling reception guests that they need to reduce noise levels if need be, our location will not be a good fit for your reception needs - we like guests to have fun, AND to be extremely courteous to our surrounding, permanent neighbors. 

Q:  Where can I set-up food for my reception?

A:  In the past our other guests holding receptions at our cottages have set-up a buffet line in the downstairs cottage living room so that the food stays at a reasonable temperature and away form bugs outside.  If you move furniture to accommodate for buffet set-up inside or outside, you are responsible for returning our indoor and outdoor furniture to their original locations before departure - failure to do so will result in some loss of security deposit as our cleaning staff will be paid extra for their extra hours worked returning this furniture to its original location after your departure. 

Q:  Can I decorate (add string lights, arches, tables, candles, balloons, flowers, etc.) at the Beach Trail Cottages?

A: Absolutely!  We just ask that your decoration planning does not alter our house in any way (adding nails and nail holes anywhere, using push-pins, or using tape likely to peel paint inside or outside the house) and that all decorations brought on to the property are removed before your departure.  All rental items such as tables, linens, and food prep items that have been brought onto the property by another company or guests, must be picked up before your departure. 

Q:  Can I have music outside at my reception?

A:  Yes!  We just ask that it not be provided by a DJ.  While quiet hours do not start until 10PM, a DJ is just too excessive even for the hours of 9AM - 10PM for our quieter community.  All music just needs to be turned off by 10PM outside.  If your guests plan to dance at your reception, you may want to plan to have to collapse reception tables in order to have room to dance on the downstairs cottage deck.

Q:  Is there an additional cost to have a reception at the Beach Trail Cottages beyond the regular rental rates listed?

A:  We do increase the security deposit from the regular $100 to $200 but that is all.  If all is left as found aside from the regular cleaning (there is a $200 cleaning fee for all rentals using both cottages even if it is a reception or not - see our pricing information) and all guidelines are followed on the check-out check list, we do refund your deposit.

Other important information regarding reception rentals:

- For any reception held at the cottages, we do require both cottages to be rented together even if it is a small reception where all guests staying after 10PM would just fit one of the cottages. 

- We are happy to help provide locations/suggestions for rental/reception items.  If you need help in setting up reception items, we are happy to help, but there will be an additional charge.

- Many individuals holding receptions at our house wish to see our property before committing to rent with us and we think this is an excellent idea of anyone to see our cottages in person!  We just ask that all times for viewings (this includes just looking at the outside courtyard area) be arranged and scheduled ahead of time through us as we do not allow showings while their are other renters staying at the cottages - we do not wish to interrupt anyone's vacation/ stay at our cottages.

-Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you!  Our email is and we can also be reached at 402-740-1114.
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